11 Totally Hilarious Gag Gifts For Men

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Last Updated on July 22, 2021 by Mary

Here are some totally hilarious gag gifts for men, because sometimes, you just need some laughs.

This means you may need a funny gift for one of the men on your list.  It doesn’t matter who the man on your gift list is.   Sometimes, you just need some inappropriate gifts for him, right?  How better to cause some laughs than with one of these totally hilarious gag gifts for men.Lots of great ideas here to make the laughter begin!

Check out these 11 ideas for gag gifts for men and just try to keep a straight face while you’re doing it!

11 Hilarious Gag Gifts For Men

The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information

This is the perfect go-to gift when you really need some totally useless info. I’m sure your gift recipient will agree with the complete and total uselessness of all the facts they will learn in this book.

3D Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Well, what man wouldn’t want this attractive fanny pack, huh? Well, whether your man has a real beer belly or not, don’t let him miss out on this useful Beer Belly Fanny Pack.

Toilet Timer

For when your man just needs to hurry up! There will be no more lateness, missed appointments, or excuses once he starts using this highly accurate timepiece. You just can’t go wrong with this gift.

Can’t Remember Sh*t, Daily Planner

If your man can’t remember sh*t, then this is definitely the gift he needs.

That Ain’t Burnt, That’s Flavor Apron

Gals, if you’ve heard this line before, then your man needs this gift! This is a gift your man will love, and it will keep him clean and tidy while he’s flipping burgers.

A Dude’s Guide To the Couch

If your man is a tried and true couch potato, this book is for him and will give him 70 things he can do on your couch. That’s a win-win for sure!

In Dog Wines I Only Had One Wine Glass

Well OK, it’s true that this gift could be good for a man or a woman. The key thing here is, you only had 1 glass of wine in dog wines. Again, a win-win no matter if this gift is going to a man or a woman.

Tortilla Blanket

One of my favorites on this list! Who wouldn’t want and need a tortilla blanket?

Finger Weightlifting Set

For days when the gym is just a bit too much, let your guy work out with this.


Potty Fisher Toilet Fisher Game

Just a little something to keep your man amused while he’s on the potty.

Potty Putter Set

For when he gets bored with the Potty Fisher Toilet Fisher Game.

Inappropriate Gifts For Him

I hope this gives you enough great ideas for gag gifts for men.  Yes, some of these might be considered completely inappropriate gifts for him.  Whomever your “him” is!  But that’s the fun of it.  

The sky is really the limit here of course, and we’ll definitely be adding to this category over time.  Whether you’re gifting your dad, your grandpa, your co-worker, your husband, your nephew, or another relative, or your boyfriend, one of these gag gifts for men will definitely keep them laughing for a long time.

Because, laughing is good, right?

If you plan to use one of the gifts on this list, we can’t wait to see how many laughs you got from it.  Be sure and come back to us, leave a comment with how your man liked your completely inappropriate gag gift.  

Or, did you decide to go with something you found on a different Gag Gifts For Men gift list?  If so, we would still love to hear about the gift you got and what the reaction was, so either way, be sure and leave us a comment with your update.  That’ll allow us to have a laugh too!


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